2010 WALK


Fluff and Sacha have completed 100 miles of the South West

Coast Walk!

Fluff and Sacha have finally finished the South West Coast Walk.  It has been quite a challenge and took us 5 days - we thought there wouldn't be much up and down, but we were quite wrong and have climed a total of almost 10,000 feet - without ever going more than 450 feet above sea level at any point...


We manged to walk from Poole to Exmouth. It was a great walk with everything on it - woods, hills, terrible going, rain, hot sun and a wide selection of British Campers - a sight that needs to be seen to be believed!

So far we have raised over £1,450 - so thank you to all of you who have sponsored us.  It's a great sum and will really make a difference to our small charity - and in particular will keep our kids in education for another two months.


Fluff's experience...

This is a message from Fluff to all those that have been so kind to donate after our 100 mile trek down the South West Coast path.  It was New Year's Eve when Sacha 'invited' me to participate in this venture and at the time it seemed like a good idea as "Sacha had looked at the maps and the route seemed relatively flat".  However, as I sit here with sore feet, aching back and legs and sun burn I can safely say I have had more than my fill of steep hills for the time being - that's the last time I trust Sacha with route reconnaissance!!  At the end of our adventure to look back to the east toward our start point in Poole was eye-opening as, with our eyes straining on the distant horizon, we could only see about 20 miles (or one days walk) back down the coast which really brought it home how far 100 miles actually is.  Anyway, many thanks again to those who have been kind enough to pledge money for this worthy cause; until next year........


The Walkers - hot, tired and sort of enjoying every minute (mile!)







The West Highland Way has been Conquered..!

Sacha has now completed the 95 miles of the West Highland Way.  It was a really 'grown up' walk and reminded us all why middle-aged Cavalry Officers in desk jobs should not wander around hills with large backpacks!!!  You will all be delighted to hear that it rained the entire time; there was in fact so much rain and mist that I didn't see anything much above 300 meters and therefore not one view of Ben Nevis or any other decent peak!

I have to say that it was a fascinating walk.  Even more rare than a good view seems to be a Scot...  We met every nationality walking the route other than Scottish but even more strangely, all the people we met serving in hostels and Inns were Australian, Canadian or South African!  I've certainly got sore feet but amazingly not a single blister!!

A massive thank you to all who have been kind enough to donate so far, we have nearly raised £1,500 and would like to try and get to £2,000 if at all possible.  If you can help us get there it would be hugely appeciated - just click on the link below!!

And the strange and peculiar...