We hope that our income, methods and results are transparent enough for all to see.  The majority of our funding has in the past come from one particular individual who has not felt the need to be named.  The rest of our income has come from a multitude of friends and associates who have all contributed to our causes, even if only a few pounds here and there, and range from sponsored walks, marathons, fund raising events at schools and direct donations - there are too many to mention them all by name.

We have been lucky enough to be the recipient of some large donations from the Anglo-Azerbaijani Society without whose support much of our work would not have been possible.  we and the children of the Saray orphanage in particular owe them and their fundraising energies a huge vote of thanks.





We have also been recently given a generous donation from Blackrock.

We do not currently have any major corporate sponsors for our newly started work in Turkana.  We have therefore reserved this page for any new sponsors who wish to be identified and any activities and projects specific to their involvement.