Saray Orphanage

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Saray is where the Burnaby Blue Foundation started and was the driving force behind the charity's creation.  The main work has been carried out by a host of people, however the International Womens' Club and MaryBeth in particular have been the real passion that has driven all that has been done. 

The pictures throughout the web site show the state of the children as we first found them and the terrible state of the orphanage.  It really was shocking but now an incredible transformation has been possible and the infastructure of the orphanage has been transformed

We are extremely aware that gold plated solutions do no good at all in the long term and we have determined that we will try and give the kids as good a start as they would get elswhere in the country. 

We have done a huge amount of work, much of it represented in the pictures here.  We renovated an entire floor, built a lift shaft for an EU funded lift, help renovate the kitchens, renovated the dormitory buildings, provided wheelchairs, rebuilt the boiler system, built sewage systems and much much more!  With MaryBeth we have also given the children the one thing that money cannot buy - loving care and attention.

 As well as our planned renovation work, we have also been able to help out with unforseen problems as with the collapse of the dormitory roof in 2005.  the roof simply couldn't hold the weight of snow that fell that winter and we were able to step in and rapidly get conditions back to normal.  Actually better than normal as the roof is now definitely much stronger than it ever was!


For a more detailed view of how the BBF work in Azerbaijan developed, please follow the progress link on the left where you will be able to access our annual newsletters.  There is far too much that we have done to put it all on this page but hopefully it gives you enough of a flavour of what we have been able to acheive and that we have done what we said we would!


£3,400 allows an orphanage to have electric hot water boilers

£400 provides a special needs teacher for 3 months

£50 provides disabled children therapy toys