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Burnaby Blue has been active in a number of institutions in Azerbaijan particularly Mardekan and Ganga.  We have again worked through a network of friends and contacts that we have met on our visits and through MaryBeth.  The pictures below give a good idea of the range of work we have been able to uindertake and the success we have had.  In every case the work we have funded has improved the lives of Azerbaijani children and given them a better start in life than they would have otherwise have had.

We spent a lot of time effort and money in Mardekan.  Sticking to our guide of infastructure where we are a contributor, we put a heating system into one of the three wings and renovated two bathrooms.  Warm water and bathrooms means clean kids!

We have also been involved in Ganga, way out to the west of the country. here we have helped renovate buildings, habve created a sewage and all year round water system and created a computer room for the older children to learn 21st century life skills in.



£3,400 allows an orphanage to have electric hot water boilers

£400 provides a special needs teacher for 3 months

£50 provides disabled children therapy toys