Sacha Tomes

Sacha is an officer in the British Army. He has had extensive experience working with international organisations within multinational environments, principally in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia. He has also had international experience working and liaising with foreign governments and militaries as far afield as Egypt and Malaysia and has completed a tour in Iraq. He has worked in the UK Ministry of Defence where he was responsible for the day to day management of procurement projects, involving all aspects of planning, training and sustainment. His last job was as the Chief of Staff of the British Peace Support Team (Eastern Africa) based in Nairobi, Kenya.  He currently runs the human resources for all soldiers in the Cavalry.

Tiffany Bielby

Andrew Fairclough

Tiffany worked for 14 years for major PLCs in their Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations departments. However, since becoming a mother to two young children, her current career is as a housewife and mother which challenges her more than her last jobs! She was delighted to be asked to become a trustee of The Burnaby Blue Foundation and hopes to be able to help in any way she can. Andrew works for an international investment bank and has worked in the City for the past 13 years, since leaving the Army in 1995, where he served in the Scots Guards.  He's known Sacha for 20 years, so the opportunity to help support the Burnaby Blue Foundation as a trustee is a great pleasure and just hopes that he will continue to make a useful contribution to the charity!