Kenya Team

Gabriel Ipas


Gabriel is an extraordinary Turkana man who having passed through the hard circumstances at home, understands what life in the desert is and is devoting himself to help his own people.   He is one of very few Turkanans to have been through the full educational system and has recently completed his degree in Nairobi.  He is the BBF director in Kenya and is responsible for the practical delivery of all our projects in Turkana.  He is also responsible for the creation of the wider educational and developmental plan.

Cor Roest




Cor Roest is a non-executive trustee of the BBF and lives in Nairobi.  He grew up in western Kenya and well remembers the numerous safaris to Lake Turkana that his father used to take him on.  Ever since he has had a fascination with this remote and marginalised part of Kenya.  He jumps at the opportunity to go there.  Today he is based in Nairobi from where he runs a regional packaging business.  Having learnt to fly and acquired a Cesna 182 he can also get to Turkana considerably quicker than in the past!