How You Can Help!

There are so many ways you can help and our response to the question 'Can I help?' is simple:

Do IT!! - Donate, Inform and Take part!!



This is the simplest, easiest and most effective way you can make you and your money work for children.  However we know that there is often more that people want to do and so if you feel that giving money isn't for you then...


Informing as many people as possible about the plight of children around the world and what we and others can do delivers help in one of the most effective ways.  Many people are too busy to consider others less fortunate than themselves.  It's not their fault and the busy world we live in has so many daily distractions and difficulties that it is sometimes hard to find time for others.  A quick prompt can make all the difference.  If you like opur site and our work then please recommend us to others.  However we know that often this isn't enough and you want to get involved personally, so...

Take Part!!

If you want to do something yourself then go for it!  The charity world works through volunteers and those who give generously of their time, however much you can spare.  If you want to help us directly then here are a few ideas:

1.  Get some friends together - in a pub, for a coffee or just somewhere fun and make children the theme.  It doesn't matter how large or small, or how long it lasts but the point is you have spent time doing it and it has been for a specific purpose.  Try putting a few pounds in a kitty - spend some on yourselves and give the rest to charity!

2.  Do something that can be sponsored.  You don't have to climb Mount Everest and you would be amazed how more readily people will part with their money if they are doing it because someone they know is taking the time and effort to do something special.  Set yourself whatever personal challenge you feel right with.  If you want to do an event then please let us know and you can get ready made sponsorship forms here (very shortly - they are just being produced now!).  It can be anything you want as long as it requires a bit of effort that people will recognise; go for a bike ride, walk up a large hill, do the Cotswold Way, play darts for 24 hours, swim 30 lengths for the first time - anything will do!!

3.  Come to one of our events.  These are all listed in the future events page and are a great way to not only get out, but also learn something more about the charity and, more importantly, the children that we work for.  There are some great venues planned so keep an eye on the page as we are still putting the final touches on several exciting events which haven't been posted yet!

4.  Sponsor a child.  This is something we are in the process of developing as Gabriel finishes university and goes back to Turkana full time.  This way you can get direct feedback from a child that you will know by name and be able to really see what difference your donations make.  Watch this space for further details!

We hope that you are able to condider some of these ideas!  In the meantime, donations are always welcome and are the most direct way you can put your contribution directly into improving childrens' lives.

Thank You!!



£12,000 builds a school for 300 or more children

£688 gives the school a teacher for a year

£292 buys a school a years worth of teaching equipment

£57 pays for a teacher for a month

£17 is the amount to educate one child for one year

£2.50 buys a child a school uniform