Future Events

We are busily planning a number of events for 2010.  We hope to have a variety from individual fundraising activities through to formal presentations that any number can attend.  We will be continually reviewing and updating this page so please come back and check what we are up to!



The South Coast Walk

Sacha will be walking 100 miles of the South Coast Walk in May 2010.  He will be joined by Andrew Jeffrey (called Fluff, but noone knows why) and Caroline Smail.  The idea is taking shape right now and information will be put here as soon as our full plans firm up!







£12,000 builds a school for 300 or more children

£688 gives the school a teacher for a year

£292 buys a school a years worth of teaching equipment

£57 pays for a teacher for a month

£17 is the amount to educate one child for one year

£2.50 buys a child a school uniform