Nursery Schools

Our First Schools


In September 2009 our first nursery school was completed!  The school has taken months of work and has been created out of the harshest of environments.  Before the school was completed the children were taught out in the open with only a few trees for shelter.  It is hard to descriobe what having nothing really entails and the pictures below give some idea about the numbers involved and the environment that we have been working in.


                                        The old school!!                                                                     Sacha at the site before the build started


Our School is now finished and 300 children are now receiving an education in northern Kenya.

The pictures below show the school as it is now - fully functioning and working.  Sorry about the quality but there isn't any broadband up there!!




We hope that the programme will do much more than just provide education and have a number of secondary objectives that we plan to develop.  The first of these is the hardest and is the provision of clean and safe drinking water for the school.  Water is a scarce resource here in an area where there is almost nothing anyhow and this will be a major way to help the schooling programme succeed.  We also hope that this will start mobilizing the community and encourage their participation in the development programme as it develops.  Just seeing something happen has been enough to start the process off! 


 The beneficiaries this nursery school will be almost 300 children from the ages of 3 to 7

The pictures below show the foundation stones and water resevior being built at the start of August 08


And the School as it looks at the start of October 08 after two months. 

It might not look it but it's 50% completed and in the most arid and arduous of conditions.  A really fantastic effort by all concerned!!













  The building is made all the harder by not having fresh water to work with.  Absolutely everything has to be brought out and set up in order to get the school built.




The latest picture here shows the school with half a roof in early January 2009




Our Second School


We have also been given two buildings by the provincial administration.  these two buildings are some of the only stone buildings in the area and we have been asked to convert them into a second school.  This is extremely exciting as we only have to raise the money for teachers, food, water and raw materials, allowing us to put another 300 children into an educational system.





£12,000 builds a school for 300 or more children

£688 gives the school a teacher for a year

£292 buys a school a years worth of teaching equipment

£57 pays for a teacher for a month

£17 is the amount to educate one child for one year

£2.50 buys a child a school uniform