The Burnaby Blue Foundation has raised over $280,000 of which $250,000 has been directly spent on improving the lives of children and young people. All our accounts are prepared FOR FREE by Kingscott and Dix and can be found on the Charities Commission web site.  We owe them a massive vote of thanks for such a generous donation in kind.

We fund raise for our activities through separate and discrete bank accounts. If you wish to donate to a particular activity then you will be given this option on our donations page rather than donating to the BBF as a whole.
Most of our donations have come from individuals either donating directly, or raising money through sponsored activities.
Our intention is to fundraise against targeted objectives and projects all of which can be see in more detail in the project and country pages from the links above. We do reserve the right to use our donations for short term and highly necessary projects if the situation demands. These will be completely in line with our aims and will be also connected to the main projects that we are involved in.

Finally, if you need more specific detail on our finances or what we do with them then please contact us. We would be delighted to help. We are immensely proud that being a small charity with few overheads, one that does not pay its members and one that gets almost all of its supporting work (including web sites, printing and accountancy) done for free or at cost, we give you proven value for money!


£12,000 builds a school for 300 or more children