Aims and Objectives

The Burnaby Blue Foundation is a charity devoted to promoting the relief of sickness, poverty and suffering, and to promote education amongst children and young people both abroad and in the United Kingdom. 

WHAT - The Burnaby Blue Foundation is a small charity that works with defined and targeted projects.  All of our projects are carried out by volunteers who we have developed a close relationship with through personal involvement.

HOW - We focus on projects that offer long-term and enduring effects.  In particular we have concentrated on infrastructure projects (often in the less salubrious areas such as sanitation and drainage!) which create the environment and conditions for children to have safety and security.

HOW NOT - Whilst we do not for one second decry the good intentions and acheivements of those who send money and goods abroad, we have seen for ourselves the situation that can occur when well meaning western intentions meet the harsh cultural reality of another part of the world.  What we try and give is something that cannot be taken away in environments where we cannot always provide full oversight.  Toys, medicine and blankets can and we have seen it happen with our own eyes.

ARE WE REALLY HELPING -  YES and here is why...  We also hope that we are not adding to the ever growing problem of a disparate and disjointed NGO effort.  We work in areas where noone else is helping, especially in northern Kenya, and our strength is that we are empowering indigenous people and their organizations, not bringing in western consultants or working through missionaries.  There are 37,000 NGOs now working in the third world; a case in point is Mozambique where donors are spending £350 million a year on 3,500 consultants, eough to hire 400,000 local civil servants [source Economist magazine - Sep 6th 2008 - A Scramble in Africa'].  We subscribe to Oxfam's view that 'Aid should strengthen local capacity rather than spawn parallel aid empires' and this is exactly why we have had the confidence to pull back from Azerbaijan once our work was done.

Our guidelines remain:

  • Infrastructure works where possible.
  • Creating the conditions for sustainable development.
  • Working with indigenous people.
  • Engaging with long term projects.

We are currently fund raising for the Turkana Project

£12,000 builds a school for 300 or more children

£688 gives the school a teacher for a year

£292 buys a school a years worth of teaching equipment

£57 pays for a teacher for a month

£2.50 buys a child a school uniform